Maintaining a clean and sanitary office environment is a mandatory requirement for any commercial business today. Beyond providing a safe and healthy place of work for your employees, the cleanliness of your office is also a marked reflection of your business for clients, colleagues and visitors.

DOMAYNE SERVICES offers an all-inclusive site office and cleaning services  to it’s customers to achieve the cleanest work area for your clients & employees, so that you can focus on your work and business with high productivity.

Flexible cleaning programs are available that provide a thorough and comprehensive cleaning of every aspect of the office.

You can arrange a daily, weekly, monthly or even customize your own cleaning schedule according to your business needs and we are ready to supply you with our expert cleaners. 

Our team of cleaning professionals use eco -friendly products and have the understanding of how each surface is to be cleaned.


You are only a phone call away for a free consultation on your cleaning requirements for your office or email us on