We specialise in water, mould, fire restoration of both commercial and residential premises.



Are you aware of MYCOTOXINS found in settled and colonised mould spores which have a negative effect on the health of occupants in many households and workplaces.


It is significant that when discovered, the isolation, containment and remediation of mould contaminated areas be treated as soon as possible, to avoid not only the risk of further contamination but also to avoid the risk of cross contamination into other unaffected areas, leading to larger remediation costs.


DOMAYNE SERVICES is skilled in not only the containment and remediation of any mould affected areas, but also more comprehensive reporting, testing, sampling and final clearance of treated areas.




Is your premises a victim of water damage due to plumbing leaks, equipment failure (washing machine, dishwasher, hot water heater, ice-maker, air conditioner), and structure failure (roof, rain gutters, grouted shower walls or floors)., etc…


With over a decade of experience and specialising on water damage restoration services, we ensure that we use the safest and effective method to extract the water in a safe and quick way and begin the drying process to avoid further damage and the possibility of mould.